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Keramax Miraculous Minutes Pack

Keramax Miraculous Minutes Pack

Now it’s possible to have super moisturized and nourished using Keramax Miraculous Minutes.

Natuhair Vitamin Bomb

The solution for strong, nourished and healthy growing hair! NatuHair Vitamin Bomb.

Keramax Hair Reconstruction – Liquid Keratin

The Keramax Capillary Reconstruction Liquid Keratin recovers hair damaged by chemicals like dyes and straightening treatments, and natural p


Coconut Oil

Natuhair Coconut Oil

Has a high power of hydration and nourishment for your hair besides it be a vitamin resource.

Keraform Nano Reconstruction Intensive Treatment Cream

Especially designed to treat damaged, weak and shine-less hair, helping restore, strengthen and nourish each strand.

Ultra Activated Cassava

The Ultra Activated Cassava Treatment Cream promotes and maintains a prolonged and intense strand hydration, restoring and nourishing.


What are sulfates, parabens and petrolates

Nowadays a lot is talked about products released for hair transition. But do you really know what that means? One of the key steps in the tr

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Skafe is in the media with lots of promotions

You asked and Skafe answered! There are several promotions in our social media for you to enjoy and compete for great prizes. Check out what

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What’s New in SKAFE

The month of February is packed with good news! Stay inside Skafe Cosmetics creations that will make your hair more beautiful and ready to h

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Understand the power in coconut oil for your hair

There are numerous ways of using and the features of the coconut. Rich in nutrients, it can be used in natura, in the preparation and season

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Keramax Anti-Yellowish Line

Step by step instructions for the Keramax Anti-Yellowish Line

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