How to Speed up Hair Growth?

It does not matter if the hair is smooth, wavy, curly or voluminous, many people have the desire to have a healthy hair growth. After all, having amazing hair helps you to increase the self-esteem, does not it? Our hair is our sweetheart! For this, it is important to follow some basic daily care, to

What is the co-wash technique?

For those who follow the habit “cake recipe” to apply shampoo + conditioner (or shampoo + mask + conditioner) don’t have any idea that there is a very cool technique that rescues the natural defences of hair without damaging it. Co-wash is a method for people who are in hair transi

How to end the negative effects of progressive brush?

In order to have the hair always ready and save time with the hair dryer, the ladies use progressive brush. It’s a great way to keep the straight hair for longer. But, as you may already know, the chemicals present in these products harm not only the scalp, but also the hair itself, which grow

The benefits of hair oil

Old women acquaintances, the hair oils are a great solution for those who want to keep soft, healthy and shiny hair. Made with natural raw materials such as coconut, linseed or castor oil, for example, they give your hair the desired look and also help it to be full of life. Know all the benefits o