Tipos de vitamina para o cabelo - Mulher loira com os cabelos no rosto e olhos fechados | Skafe Cosméticos

Types of Vitamins for the hair

There are several components that help maintain a healthy hair, but today we will specifically talk about vitamins. Of course, a balanced diet is still the most effective option in the long run, however, there are also hair cosmetics that provide the benefits of the vitamins present in some food. Ge
Diferença entre queratina líquida e queratina em gel - Mulher segurando os cabelos | Skafe Cosméticos

What is the difference between liquid and gel keratin?

Did you know that keratin is the most important protein in your hair fiber? It represents 90% of the structure of hair. Aggressions caused by chemicals, flat iron, drier, hot water and even natural agents like sun, wind and salt water are able to damage the hair, greatly reducing the amount of this
Horóscopo capilar - Todos os signos do zodíaco reunidos em um círculo com luz | Skafe Cosméticos

The hair of each sign

Are you one of those who follow the horoscope daily? Have you ever heard about the hair style of each sign? If not, you can not miss this! Are we going to hit yours? Check it out and answer below in the comments if we were right! : P Aries: They like short, modern, copper-colored […]
Aminoácido energético no cabelo Taurina - Skafe Cosméticos

Energetic Amino Acid for the Hair: Taurine

Hair cosmetics that have Taurine as an ingredient are still new in the market, and Skafe Cosmetics was one of the first companies to launch a product with the subtance that offers the characteristics it provides. Our team visited several fairs, lectures and noticed how this amino acid can be useful