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Energetic Amino Acid for the Hair: Taurine

Hair cosmetics that have Taurine as an ingredient are still new in the market, and Skafe Cosmetics was one of the first companies to launch a product with the subtance that offers the characteristics it provides. Our team visited several fairs, lectures and noticed how this amino acid can be useful
Diferença entre máscara e condicionador - Skafe Cosméticos

The differences between the mask and the conditioner

You may have already stopped to ask what is the difference between the mask and the conditioner, how do they act on the hair, because one can be used every day and the other not. The correct application is also a matter: is it after the shampoo or the conditioner, among other things, is it […
Mitos e verdades sobre os cuidados com o cabelo na gravidez - Skafe Cosméticos

Myths and Truths about Hair Care in Pregnancy

During pregnancy, great care needs to be taken and one of them is related to the hair. We love to feel beautiful, but the health of the baby should come first during pregnancy, especially in the first trimester, which usually has more complications, as it is the period of formation of the fetal orga
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Natuhair BTX Review

Natuhair BTX is a line designed for the thermal realignment of the hair, capable to reduce the volume without the use of formaldehyde. In its formula, argan oil, rich in fatty acids, vitamin A, D and E, and also arginine, which stimulates the microcirculation in the hair bulb, favoring the exchange