What is chemical cut?

Your hair is splitting in half and you do not know what to do? You need to have some types of care because your hair is on alert. First cut chemical such as: Smoothing, progressive brush, dyeing and discoloration, thermal processes such as dryers and flat iron with very high temperatures, they are t

Which products to use during the hair schedule

The hair schedule has become very popular among women who love to take care of their hair. This is because it is a technique that replenish all the nutrients and the hair mass we lose naturally, through a dedicated agenda. The method is recommended for those women who are going through hair in trans

Skafe launches coconut line free from parabens and petrolates

You have asked and Skafe got it! This time, we have launched a whole kit of coconut oil based products that promises to surprise you. Besides the popular ones, Natuhair S.O.S. Coconut (free) also has D-Panthenol and vitamin E in its formula, so it is more suitable for dehydrated and opaque hair. The

What is rake and shake?

Who does not like beautiful and shaped curls? Nowadays there are several techniques that promise to keep your curls in such perfect curvature, and the most recent and commented is rake and shake. Rake and shake looks a little like the raking technique (a technique that defines the curls by separatin