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Como repor a massa capilar - Mulher segurando os cabelos longos com as mãos - Skafe Cosméticos

How to restore hair mass

Have chemical procedures and / or external aggregations left your hair thin and less full-bodied? So you need to reset the hair mass. When t

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Os benefícios da babosa para o cabelo - Gel da babosa em uma colher - Skafe Cosméticos

The benefits of aloe vera to the hair

There are several components extracted from plants that make the most success with the hair. Aloe Vera, for example is a medicinal plant tha

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O que causa o frizz - Mulher segurando os cabelos rebeldes e com fisionomia de chateada - Skafe Cosméticos

What Causes Hair Frizz

Hair Frizz is always a stress, right? No one deserves those creepy hair that leave us looking scared and poorly cared. But, my friend, you d

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Óleo mineral para o cabelo sim ou não - Três mulheres com cabelos loiro, ruivo e castanho, respectivamente - Skafe Cosméticos

Mineral oil for the hair: yes or no?

Mineral oil is a widely used component in hair cosmetics, but because it originates from oil refinement, many consumers who are undergoing h

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Keramax Anti-Yellowish Line

Step by step instructions for the Keramax Anti-Yellowish Line

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