Aiming the development of products that would provide the well-being of people through beauty, Skafe Cosmetics was founded in November 1986. In the beginning, it offered only one Deo Cologne line and had only five employees. The company had its owners persistence to turn the company into a success story.
Currently in an area of more than 10 thousand meters square, Skafe factory is located in the city of Nova Iguaçu, in Rio de Janeiro, with state-of-the-art equipment and skilled employees. The company grows every day and impresses with its modern equipment and the qualification of its workforce. Because of its growth, it was necessary to expand the Distribution Center in order to maintain the organization and the punctuality of the deliveries.

Quality and Professionalism

The new distribution center was inaugurated in March 2016, located in Queimados (Rio de Janeiro), and it has 6,000m², allowing the storage of packaging and finished products, besides the service of 14 carriers simultaneously. The partners have always focused on the study and research of natural raw materials and invested in state-of-the-art equipment and skilled workers. Currently, the company has more than 50 lines and about 400 items. All moved by close to 800 direct employees who help the “machine” to work.


Skafe products biggest differential has always been the use of ingredients that really are a real beauty treatment, but with no damage to the planet. Natural extracts are present in several lines. However, Keratin and Amino Acid are the big highlights and are present in almost all products. An example of this is the enormous success achieved by Keramax Line, which is an advanced system for replenishing keratin and cauterization, with fantastic results in the recovery of damaged and dry hair.


All Skafe new releases go through intense research to find new ingredients and technology, as well as market research, where the company detects consumer needs.

Social Responsibility

In order to respect both animal and human lives, Skafe Cosmetics performs hypoallergenic tests and toxicological evaluations with its products. It does not use animals in its laboratory tests.

All tests are performed by the Allergy laboratory, located in Campinas, in São Paulo countryside, a national pioneer on its field of activity, with studies and tests to check the efficacy and safety of dermatological products.

Recently PEA (Project Animal Hope) has added Skafe to its list of non-animal testing companies.

PEA (Animal Home Project) is an environmental entity, qualified as OSCIP (Civil Society Organization of Public Interest), which aims to provide harmony between humans and the planet.

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